A difference with Rec Room, Roblox and similar sandbox solutions, Super Snappy is not a game in itself and it's content isn't user generated. You can view Super Snappy as a messenger app / lobby that launches games, or as a games portal with a social network in it.

For the existing, original Gamebop games, Super Snappy provides a unified UI and artwork style so it feels as if all the games are living in the same universe.

For all games, it provides services:

  • Zero friction onboarding

  • Many games

  • NFT 3D Avatar

  • Pets

  • Spaces

  • User profiles

  • Avatar, video, voice, text, group and 1:1 chat

  • Multiplayer, turn based, async games

  • Friends list and friend finder

  • Ping, poke, share, invite system

  • Leaderboards

  • Matchmaking

  • Tournaments

  • Missions

  • Season Pass

  • Statistics

  • Discovery

  • Groups

  • Clans

  • Marketplace (NFT)

  • Loot

…and more.

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