Studio & Team

We founded Gamebop GmbH in 2020 as a work-for-hire studio.

Gamebop quickly grew to become the #1 games provider for Snapchat, with 19 games developed for the platform in collaboration with Voodoo, Kongregate and others; plus 3 high quality games launched on Facebook in collaboration with Playco.

We're driven to use all we've learned, and all the tools we've developed, to disrupt the social gaming space, and make the 'Metaverse' of casual gaming happen sooner than anyone is expecting.

Meet our team members

Yohami Zerpa Leader, Creative. Founder. Creator of the TOY and CONQUER engines Linkedin

Tim Brackrock Md. Finance. Founder


Joe Wilcox

CTO. Creator of the Bullet Engine. Ex Epic Games Linkedin

George Hbr Project Manager

Garret Billian Game Designer

Andrei Rudenko Art Director

Leonidas Maliokas Tools developer

Lexxik Physics architect

Stiven Ilaraza Gameplay Developer

Felix Gameplay Developer

Lewis Fiford Locomotion Developer

Dennis Protzenko C++ developer

Garibaldi Mukti Backend

Syeda Ambreen Quality Assurance

Eduardo Araujo 3D Artist

Tobgy 3D artist

Alexander Frunz 2D artist

Mauro Ferreyra 2D artist

Duarte Animation

Denmark Lieneva Animation

Stefan Developer

Wildan Artist

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