The Solution is the Web3 platform to play games with friends and make friends while playing.
Super Snappy is built with a philosophy of zero-friction. All games are premium quality, free, and can be played just one click away, without additional sign ins or installs.
Every social feature is designed to improve the experience of sharing, inviting, pinging, poking, challenging, and chatting with friends.
    A Web3 platform where friends can play just a link away - no additional installs
    Highly polished, multiplayer, turn based and async games; achievements, leaderboards, tournaments, and much more.
    Video, text and voice chat with your friends; make new friends while playing games.

Super Snappy will be launched on all platforms.

  • Web (on
  • Mobile (iOS/Android)
  • Desktop (PC, Mac, Linux)
  • Consoles (PS, Xbox, Nintendo)
A selected number of titles are also released standalone on different platforms (web game portals, app stores, Steam, Nintendo, PS5) to benefit from each platform's discovery tools plus even easier access.
The Super Snappy SDK can also be added to existing third party games to benefit from the social features and discovery through the platform.

How do the players use it?

  • They enter directly into a game via an url or an invite, and play the games immediately. No need of installs nor the creation of an account
  • Players are incentivized to create an account so they can customize their avatar, use the marketplace, purchase an NFT avatar to ‘own it’. Registered users can buy Space (land) and other digital goods to customize their space
  • They browse / find games to play easily and invite other friends
  • They make new friends by socializing on the Avatar chat or in their Spaces
  • Players use group and 1:1 video, voice, text chat like in a normal messenger app.

How does the Super Snappy user interface look like?

Like a normal Messenger (Facebook, Snapchat) UX that serves as a gateway to a 3D world.

What are Super Snappy’s principal features?

  • Zero friction onboarding, instant playing
  • Many premium casual games
  • Free
  • 3D Avatar, Pets and Spaces (NFT)
  • Avatar, video, voice, text, group and 1:1 chat
  • User profiles and Spaces
  • Multiplayer, turn based, async games API
  • Friends list, friends finder
  • Leaderboards, missions, statistics
  • Matchmaking, tournaments
  • Ping, poke, share, invite system
  • Discovery
  • Groups, clans
  • Season Pass

How do Developers benefit?

As opposed with traditional social networks, Super Snappy grows when the games grow - it's in the Super Snappy platform's own interest to have games go as viral as possible, on the platform and elsewhere; and we'll help them grow as big as they have potential to be.
    Devs make the game, we take care of everything else: from data storage to hosting to monetization
    Direct access to players' data, analytics, in-game messaging, newsletters, and more
    Add the SuperSnappy SDK to any game and deploy it elsewhere