Make Friends While Playing

Super Snappy is a Web3, instant gaming platform which offers an array of free casual games to play with friends.
Players can instantly switch between games and while doing so continue to use their own Avatar in every game and take their friends list - build over all the past games played - with them.
Pets are the players' faithful and companions who are being taken care of by the players - once the players are away from the platform for too long, their pets will remind them to come back and take care of them.
Spaces are 3D rooms each player can customize (NFT too), where he can receive new and old friends to hang out and chat
Unique NFT Avatars, Pets and Spaces are released seasonally.
Integrated part of the Super Snappy platform is a fully fledged social media platform with text, voice, video chat and messenger function.
Selection of further features see Gameplay.
  • User profile
  • Friends list / friends finder
  • Groups
  • Clans
  • Matchmaking
  • Leaderboards
  • Loot
  • Marketplace (NFT)
Last modified 2mo ago